Q: Will the system be professionally installed?

A: Yes. We will provide you with a Security Systems Alarms Inspections Board (SSAIB) certificate that guarantees the installation meets very high standards.


Q: How do these systems differ from a DIY system?

A: Both systems fully comply with the latest installation standards and will be installed by qualified alarm engineer. Home contents insurance may be discounted when you have a certified professionally installed and maintained alarm.


Q: How long will it take to install the alarm?

A: Normally no more than a day. While the engineers are in your home or commercial property, they will make every effort to minimise disruption.










Q: What are keyholders?

A: With Option Two you will need to nominate two or more people you know as 'keyholders', If you are unavailable they will be contacted by the receiving centre if your alarm is activated.


Q: Will i have a contract?

A: Yes. Eastern Security provides cover on parts and labour and includes a maintenance check of your alarm every year. However, unlike some alarm companies who may try to tie you in a 5 year contract, with both our packages you have the option to cancel at the end of each year contract.


Q: What happens if i move home?

A: You can either sell the existing alarm to the new owner, or you can arrange for us to remove the alarm and re-install it in your new property. There is a charge for removal and re-installation - prices available on request.